Evicted and Abandoned

Explainer: What is the World Bank?

Contributors to this story: Cecile S. Gallego

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Inside Evicted and Abandoned
The World Bank Group’s Uncounted
May 1, 2015 — In India, fishing clans claim a giant power plant project backed by $450 million from the World Bank Group neglected to account for harm it would do to their livelihoods and way of life.
Inside Evicted and Abandoned
Gallery: Communities Displaced by World Bank Projects
Evicted and Abandoned is a global investigation that reveals how the World Bank Group, the powerful development lender committed to ending poverty,…
Inside Evicted and Abandoned
‘Bathed In Blood’: World Bank Arm Gave Loan Amid Deadly Land War
June 9, 2015 — A violent land conflict in Honduras has drawn scrutiny because its corporate protagonist has been financed by the World Bank Group.