World Bank

World Bank amplifies accountability to communities affected by its projects
Sasha Chavkin · March 10, 2020

The World Bank is beefing up its accountability to communities who say they were harmed by World Bank-funded projects.

World Bank Drags Feet in Probe of Activist’s Murder
Sasha Chavkin · December 18, 2019

Facing unclear legal risks following a U.S. court ruling, the World Bank Group has delayed releasing an internal probe into a doomed Guatemalan dam project.

The World Bank is Still Hooked on Fossil Fuels Despite Climate Pledge
Sasha Chavkin · April 10, 2019

The World Bank has vowed to be a leader in the global fight against climate change, but it continues to favor fossil fuels over renewable energy when it comes to lending.

No Longer Above The Law, The World Bank Faces Fight Of Its Life
Sasha Chavkin · March 13, 2019

Two impoverished communities, continents apart, are at the forefront of a historic fight to determine the level of immunity from lawsuits that international organizations can rely upon when development causes harm.

World Bank’s Legal Immunity Stripped, Opening Door for Lawsuits
Sasha Chavkin · February 27, 2019

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling could also open other American-based international organizations to lawsuits over financing overseas development.

Indian fishing community tests World Bank's legal immunity
Sasha Chavkin · November 1, 2018

A fishing community, who believe their livelihoods were damaged by pollution from an IFC-supported coal power plant, is attempting to sue the World Bank’s finance arm in the U.S.

Villagers In Limbo As World Bank Abandons Controversial Kosovo Power Plant
Sasha Chavkin · October 12, 2018

The decision ends the World Bank’s support for coal worldwide, but also leaves villagers unsure of their fate as the Kosovo government vows to push ahead with the power plant.

How ICIJ revealed the World Bank’s broken promises
ICIJ · July 20, 2017

ICIJ’s reporter Sasha Chavkin takes you behind the scenes of the Evicted and Abandoned investigation in a podcast by ProPublica.

Lawsuit: World Bank arm aided firm that hired ‘death squads’
Sasha Chavkin · March 7, 2017

A new lawsuit alleges that the IFC aided a campaign of terror against peasants in Honduras who tried to block a palm oil company’s expansion.

Columbia University honors ICIJ’s World Bank probe
Michael Hudson · August 24, 2016

Evicted and Abandoned has been named an Oakes Award finalist, marking the 11th time the project has been recognized by journalism prizes.