Evicted and Abandoned

Gallery: Communities Displaced by World Bank Projects

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Inside Evicted and Abandoned
‘Bathed In Blood’: World Bank Arm Gave Loan Amid Deadly Land War
June 9, 2015 — A violent land conflict in Honduras has drawn scrutiny because its corporate protagonist has been financed by the World Bank Group.
Inside Evicted and Abandoned
War-Torn Village Faces New Threat As World Bank Considers Power Plant
June 19, 2015 — The villagers of Hade rebuilt after their homes were destroyed in the Kosovo War. Now Hade is again threatened with destruction – this time in the name of development. The government has been evicting villagers as the World Bank considers funding a new coal-fired power plant.
Inside Evicted and Abandoned
World Bank Does Little As Villagers Threatened and Jailed for Protesting Big Projects
September 9, 2015 — Rights campaigners claim the World Bank has repeatedly failed to intervene to stop its borrowers from cracking down on critics.