Aamir Latif, Pakistan, works for Turkey’s Anadolu Agency (English service) as its Pakistani correspondent.

Latif began his career as an investigative reporter in 2001 as a member of the investigative reporting wing of the US News and World Report and remained with the magazine until 2008. He also works for Christian Science Monitor, Global Post and CBS radio in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He often appears on Al-Jazeera English, and other local channels as a commentator on political and Pak-Afghan affairs.

He has worked alone and as a team member on several investigative projects, and was part of two major projects at ICIJ – Tobacco Underground and Offshore Leaks.

Latif was one of the co-authors of a story titled “What America is doing to improve its image in the Muslim world”, which was one of three stories nominated for the American Newspapers Editors Society Award in 2005. His story, “FBI Puts Spiders in Pakistan”, published in the Washington Times in 2001 was the first-ever story that disclosed the presence of an FBI-led parallel intelligence system on Pakistani soil.

He was the recipient of a Freedom Forum Scholarship that took him to the George Washington University in 2000, where he received a diploma in media and public affairs.