María Teresa Ronderos

María Teresa Ronderos, Colombia, is the founder and editor-in-chief of, a specialized site in the coverage of Colombia's armed conflict, which has received four national awards, including the 2013 Simón Bolívar award, and has been a finalist twice for the Ipsys-Tilac award for the best investigative reporting in Latin America.

Ronderos is also editorial counsel for Semana, Colombia’s leading news magazine and columnist at daily newspaper El EspectadorShe has been managing editor of Semana, editor of, political editor of El Tiempo and directed the television investigative program Testimonio.

Between 2011 and 2013 Ronderos published several investigative stories about the mining industry in Colombia (Semana and Chile's; the chapter “The Patriots” of the book Entre el silencio y el coraje (Between Silence and Courage) about Colombian journalism and armed conflict; and a chronicle on the risks for journalists working in Ciudad Juarez Mexico, at the height of narco-violence (Gatopardo, México, 2011).

She is author of the books Retratos del Poder (2002) and 5 en Humor (2007), and is working on a book on paramilitaries and why Colombia recycles its wars, which is due to be published in 2014.

In 1997 she received the King of Spain Ibero-American Award for Journalism for stories about media coverage of the scandal of drug money financing of the 1994 presidential campaign. She received the European Union Lorenzo Natali Human Rights award for a story on her country’s victims. Her work has earned her the Maria Moors Cabot Award for her career achievements in 2007.

Ronderos is a member of the board of directors of Colombia's Foundation for Freedom of the Press and for New York’s Committee to Protect Journalists and the Gabriel García Márquez Foundation for New Journalism. In 1997 she was a Knight Fellow at Stanford University and in the spring of 2012 she was the Santo Domingo Visiting Scholar at Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University. 

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