María Teresa Ronderos, Colombia, is director of the Open Society Foundations’s Program on Independent Journalism.

The program has many roles, including helping investigative journalism to network and grow.

Ronderos was the founder and editor-in-chief from 2008 until 2014 of, a specialized investigative site in the coverage of Colombia's armed conflict and transition-to-peace processes, which has received four national awards.
Her most recent book, Guerras Recicladas (2014), an in-depth investigation on paramilitaries in Colombia, earned her the “Journalist of the Year” prize by the Simon Bolivar Awards.

Ronderos has also been a finalist twice for the Ipsys-Tilac award for the best investigative reporting in Latin America, for a story on the corruption of international organizations and the other on land-grabbing. She has also published several stories on the mining industry in her country. She is also a teacher at the Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Garcia Marquez.