Michael Bilton, United Kingdom, has spent 40 years as a British investigative journalist, working for the London Sunday Times and Yorkshire Television, which was one of the UK's most prestigious documentary filmmaking companies.

Along the way he has picked up several major awards in both media - being jointly named Reporter of the Year and winning an International Emmy as producer of “Four Hours in My Lai” - about the infamous massacre in the Vietnam War.  More recently, Bilton spent 15 years as an investigative feature writer for the London Sunday Times Magazine,  while also writing for other major British newspapers including the Daily Express and Daily Mail. 

The subject of his investigations include Sandline - a private military company which hired South African mercenaries to put down a rebellion in Papua New Guinea; the lack of psychological care for veterans of the Falklands War; the abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests in Boston; sexism in the British police, and uncovering how the Free French Forces set up a torture center under the noses of the British Government in World War II. This last project arose out of the work he did with ICIJ on the award-winning Collateral Damage project in which he wrote about extraordinary renditions from Europe by the CIA and torture of al-Qaida suspects in secret prisons.

Bilton has also taught students of journalism at universities in Britain, the US and Denmark.