Paul Myers, United Kingdom, is an internet research specialist working in the U.K. media.
Paul has worked with many newspapers and broadcasters over the years, providing investigative research advice, training and solutions.  He joined the BBC in 1995 as a news information researcher. This followed an earlier career in computers and internet experience dating back to the 1970s.  As the internet grew in significance, Paul was able to blend his technical knowledge of the medium with the realities of his work in the media. As a result, he was able to devise many groundbreaking techniques and strategies that continue to shape the way journalists conduct online research and investigation.
These days, his role sees him organize and deliver training courses related to internet investigation, digital security, social media research, data journalism, freedom of information and reporting statistics. He has trained personnel from the BBC, the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the Times, Channel 4, CNN and many non-media companies and international organizations.
Paul “trains from the inside”, augmenting programme teams and sharing his specialist knowledge with journalists. His techniques have helped his colleagues develop creative approaches to research, conduct their investigations securely and have led many journalists to information they would never have otherwise been able to find. He has worked with leading British T.V. & radio news, current affairs, documentaries and consumer programmes.
Paul’s website,, provides journalists with practical information links, apps and resources to help their research. He lives in London and is honored to help his colleagues across the world, in any way he can.