Shiva Gaunle, Nepal, is the editor of the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJ).

He is a well recognized senior investigative journalist in Nepal who has been exposing stories related to corruption, irregularities, and wrongdoings for more than 25 years, including investigations that exposed bribery in the judiciary of Nepal. This work created a national debate about corruption.
Gaunle led the collaborative #NepaLeaks investigation in 2019. CIJ Nepal and ICIJ partners analyzed Swiss Bank accounts of 55 Nepali individuals and tracked how money, earned in Nepal, is transferred to various tax haven countries and then brought back as Foreign Direct Investment into Nepal.

Ganule has served as editor of Himal Khabarpatrika, a well established and recognized Magazine in Nepal. He was also elected as the chairperson of the Federation of Nepali Journalists in 2011.

Gaunle has a bachelor’s degree in law and is known for his expertise in good governance and accountability in the democratic system.