Sunday Dare, Nigeria, is the former general editor of two of Nigeria's weekly newsmagazines, The News and Tempo.
Throughout his 18-year career in print and broadcast, Dare has also contributed to publications such as The Nation magazine in New York, 4th Estate magazine, Reporters Sans Frontières and Boston-based Dollara and Sense.
In 1998 Dare won a Freedom Forum grant to be a journalism fellow at New York University. He is also a Nieman Fellow and received special recognition from the Committee to Protect Journalists for his work in Nigeria.
Some of his reports which drew the wrath of Nigeria’s military dictators included an exclusive interview with Gen. Domkat Bali, the defense minister in Gen. Ibrahim Babangida’s military junta, in which Bali exposed the deceit and fraud of the Babangida regime. After the interview was published, Dare, his editors, and Bali were forced into hiding to avoid arrest, and the junta seized 100,000 copies of the magazine. Dare was also involved in a series of reports that exposed the terminal illness of Nigeria’s former military dictator Sani Abacha and how he ruled Nigeria by proxy, refusing to attend to matters of state. The report so angered the government that it ordered a manhunt for Dare and his editors.
Dare is currently working on two books: From the Newsroom to Underground: The Story of Guerrilla Journalism in Nigeria and Africa – A Continent in a Quandary, which examines the cycle of stalled development, corruption, and poverty in Africa.
Dare was a team member of the Center’s Making a Killing: The Business of War, which won the 2003 Sigma Delta Chi award for independent investigative reporting.
In his current job as head of VOA’s Hausa Service, Dare is responsible for directing the staff and its activities in preparing three 30 minute programs for broadcast each day to a region that has one of the single largest Muslim populations in Africa and in the world.