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Plunder in the Pacific

Pacific fish stocks decimated

Jack mackerel down 90 percent in 20 years in once-rich seas; world’s largest trawlers compete for what's left.

Graphic: Who owns the fish?

Powerful families, with interests in everything from gas stations to mining and the news media, control most of the jack mackerel fishing rights in Chile. With government support they have secured quotas higher than what scientists recommended as safe for the stock. See how the jack mackerel quota is split.
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A look at the data work

Methodology: Behind the numbers in Looting the Seas III

During the 1990s, Chileans caught more than 28 million metric tons of jack mackerel. Today, as stocks plummet, vessels struggle to find fish.
Peru is second only to China as a fishing nation, and its main catch is anchoveta. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, with the Lima-based investigative center IDL-Reporteros, decided to analyze how the anchoveta fishery — the world’s largest — was regulated and controlled.
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