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Read the Paradise Papers documents

ICIJ has made public a range of documents from the Paradise Papers including emails, contracts, company structures, trust agreements and more.

ICIJ is releasing additional emails, contracts, company structures, trust declarations and more from its Paradise Papers project, a significant addition to the Offshore Leaks database and part of ICIJ’s larger goal to shed light on some of the world’s most secretive jurisdictions

These documents are often referred to as unstructured, because – unlike a spreadsheet or a database – they are not easily searchable by a computer. They have been reviewed and redacted where appropriate but are rich in information and were critical to ICIJ’s reporting.

They are just part of about 13.5 million documents obtained by Süddeutsche Zeitung and shared with ICIJ. Most of them are from Appleby, one of the offshore law firms at the center of the Paradise Papers.

The news organizations don’t plan to release all documents since many haven’t yet been reviewed, include personal information on private individuals or do not involve matters of public concern.

One example of the unstructured documents are those relating to ICIJ’s story that exposed tax-avoidance practices of jet owners on the Isle of Man, ICIJ released a handful of documents from Appleby’s Isle of Man office.

One document shows how professionals working for Formula One racing champion Lewis Hamilton created a company on the island to import a private jet, allowing Hamilton to collect a $5.2 million refund of taxes paid on its purchase.

And this excerpt from a KPMG audit details a complex company structure – stretching from Ireland to Jersey – behind a fund that owned a catalog of music publishing rights, allowing the fund’s beneficiaries to avoid taxes on royalties generated, mostly in the United States, by these country, jazz and pop classics.

The following is a list of all original documents that ICIJ has published so far. This list will be updated as new ones are added.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and his Russian business ties:

Kremlin-owned firms linked to investments in Facebook and Twitter:

Offshore services law firm, Appleby, and its history of compliance failures:

Mining giant Glencore and its operations in the Congo:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s chief fundraiser’s offshore maneuvers:

The offshore gurus who help the rich avoid taxes on jets and yachts:

Leaked documents expose the secret tale of Apple’s island hop:

How Nike stays one step ahead of the regulators

Burkina Faso and the development dreams that stand still while money move offshore:

U.S. political donors playing the offshore game:

Go inside the secret world of offshore mega-trusts:

The rise of Mauritius as a tax haven

The role of offshore in forest destruction:

Thousands of classic American songs tucked away tax-free:

ICIJ’s Power Player’s interactive:

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