What the Panama Papers tell us about the clients in the latest bombshell charges
Will Fitzgibbon · December 7, 2018

Here’s what we know about the clients in the latest criminal charges.

Hidden dangers: patients, doctors not informed of defective implants
Spencer Woodman · December 4, 2018

Flaws found in hundreds of medical devices trigger safety alerts or recalls by manufacturers each year. Too often these vital warnings fail to reach patients and doctors.

Breast Implant Injuries Kept Hidden As New Health Threats Surface
Sasha Chavkin · November 26, 2018

Manufacturers fought to get implants back on the market. Regulators gave in. Now thousands of patients are paying the price.

Experts Warn Expanded Heart Valve Use Risks Patient Safety
Cat Ferguson and Petra Blum · November 26, 2018

In a world full of dizzying innovation, marketing blitzes and conflicts of interest, doctors and patients must decide: how much risk is too much?  

Implant Files prompt immediate response, before first stories published
Will Fitzgibbon and Martha M. Hamilton · November 25, 2018

Government regulators, industry lobbyists and medical experts scrambled to get ahead of ICIJ’s latest investigation, the Implant Files, before the first word was even published.

How Lobbying Blocked European Safety Checks For Dangerous Medical Implants
Simon Bowers · November 25, 2018

Confidential injury and malfunction reports have tripled in less than 10 years in many countries

Patient Hopes Rise And Fall As An Industry Balances Progress And Profit
Dean Starkman and Delphine Reuter · November 25, 2018

As business boomed and profits soared on the back of a trailblazing hip replacement, patients across the world paid a heavy price for the failings of regulators.

About The Implant Files Investigation
Fergus Shiel · November 25, 2018

The Implant Files is a global investigation that tracks the harm caused by medical devices that have been tested inadequately or not at all.

Tax wars, follow-up investigations and who was actually in the Paradise Papers?
Will Fitzgibbon, Scilla Alecci, Sasha Chavkin and 2 more · November 5, 2018

We answer your questions relating to our 2017 investigation.

Panama Papers reveal offshore payments by Madagascar’s seafood king
Will Fitzgibbon and Edward Carver · October 11, 2018

Madagascar shrimp magnate has used a web of offshore companies to shuffle millions of dollars around in what experts say could be “tax avoidance 101”.