Why you should share your story with ICIJ

The success of the Panama Papers is one reason you should trust our team to tell your story effectively, securely and with global impact.

‘The biggest leak in whistleblower history’ was just one of many titles given to our Panama Papers investigation.

The project, which had hundreds of journalists working secretly for one year before it went live, has become known for its security, use of data, collaboration and impact.

The investigation, launched two years ago, has brought down world leaders, recouped millions in taxes (and fines) and put the morality of offshore finance squarely on the agenda.

And we want to do it all over again.

We’re looking for new pitches and ideas from journalists or whistleblowers to come forward and trust us to tell their story.

Is that you?

Here are just a few reasons why you should trust our team to tell your story effectively, securely and with global impact.

  • We only share our information with other trusted journalists and do not give access to government, advocacy or private organizations.
  • We are funded by thousands of individual donors, as well as foundations. We do not take money from any governments.
  • Our data team has experience working with millions of files and complex datasets (Panama Papers and Paradise Papers are examples).
  • Our network of members – more than 200 strong – and our global media partners, who span from Senegal to Russia, Pakistan and Japan have invaluable local knowledge they can add to any story.
  • We vow to protect the anonymity of our sources.

What does it take to have a story ICIJ would consider?

  • Cross-border potential. Our stories don’t stop at geographical boundaries. In fact, they tend to have no boundaries at all.
    There must be a public service imperative. We’re in the business of exposing the truth and holding people to account.
  • Does that sound like you? Or maybe your colleague?

Here’s how to get in touch

  • Encrypted email – contact@icij.org, our public key fingerpint: 986A 572D 3B95 BD42 331E 839A B532 F18C 2A17 696B
  • WhatsApp – Phone/Message: +1-202-820-0036
  • Wire – Username: ICIJ
  • Signal – Phone: +1-202-820-0036
  • Keybase – Username: ICIJ
  • Postal Mail –
    910 17th Street NW,
    Suite 410, Washington, DC 20006, USA
  • SecureDrop: Explained in detail here.

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