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ICIJ’s 2023 annual report showcases organization’s growth and impact

From new global investigations to growth in strength and numbers, progress made over the past year leaves ICIJ well positioned to keep shaking the foundations of injustice in 2024 and beyond. 

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has published its 2023 annual report, highlighting a year of growth and capacity building for the organization.

Beyond showcasing the three major investigations that ICIJ published in 2023, Cyprus Confidential, Deforestation Inc., and Trafficking Inc., the annual report also brings together reams of ongoing impact from ICIJ’s earlier investigations, including new laws, new police investigations and new reforms tied to the Panama Papers, Pandora Papers, Luanda Leaks and more.

The annual report also tells a story of strategic growth for ICIJ throughout 2023, in preparation for a new three-year plan that will guide the organization through 2024 and into the future.

Director’s note

Dear Friends,

As we embark on another chapter of cross-border investigative journalism in the relentless pursuit of truth, ICIJ’s commitment to unearthing stories that rock the world has never been more resolute.

Our board of directors recently finalized our latest strategic plan, a compass that sets our course for the next three years. This plan builds on our strengths. It propels us to expand our reach, diversify our funding, ensure organizational longevity and harness the full potential of technology.

As I look ahead, I find myself reflecting on the critical work we did together in 2023.

Our year was defined by three investigations that unveiled secrets and systemic failures that demand urgent attention and action.

  • Cyprus Confidential pulled back the veil on the covert role played by Cypriot financial enablers in shielding Russian oligarchs from Western sanctions.
  • Deforestation Inc. exposed failures of environmental auditing and “green” certification programs to uphold responsible forestry practices.
  • Trafficking Inc. exposed global sex trafficking networks and uncovered abusive labor practices on U.S. military bases and within the overseas operations of multinational corporations including McDonald’s, Amazon and Chuck E. Cheese.

Each of these investigations revealed profound issues that extend beyond national boundaries, demanding a collective response. They spotlight the inadequacies and loopholes in systems meant to protect vulnerable populations.

Amid this groundbreaking work, ICIJ grew in strength and reach. In 2023, we welcomed 20 of the world’s top reporters from five continents into our membership network, individuals who embody journalistic integrity, a collaborative spirit and a dedication to impactful storytelling. Representing 18 countries, including Comoros, Montenegro, Cambodia and Cameroon, these new additions bring our membership to 290 journalists from 105 countries. With each new member, we deepen our ability to excavate hidden truths and shine a light on the darkest corners of global injustice.

Our team has also grown over the last year in strength and number. We promoted several women to key leadership roles and welcomed new team members. This infusion of talent and fresh perspectives aligns with our commitment to innovation while keeping us grounded in our core values.

The progress we made over the past year, made possible by the support of our generous institutional partners and individual donors, leaves us well-positioned to keep shaking the foundations of injustice 2024 and beyond.

Thank you for being an integral part of the ICIJ community.

Let’s keep rocking the world together.

With gratitude,

Gerard Ryle
ICIJ’s Director

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