On March 16, ICIJ hosted its first South by Southwest panel. Titled, “Flawed Finance: Collaborative Journalism Exposes Global Finance’s Inequities,” the panel discussed systemic flaws in financial systems, unraveling these flaws and building a more equitable system.

The four-person panel featured ICIJ research editor and Latin-American coordinator Emilia Díaz-Struck, New York Department of Financial Services superintendent Linda Lacewell, BuzzFeed News investigative reporter Anthony Cormier and Transparency International Portugal executive director Karina Carvalho.

Speaking in the wake of ICIJ’s two most recent investigations — Luanda Leaks and FinCEN Files — the panel covered topics including cross-border money laundering, wealth inequality and the role of accountants, lawyers, bankers and other enablers who help the rich and powerful who spirit money away from needy communities.

“All of the global north acts as an enabler for the misery and the poor life conditions that people in the global south experience because of what we’re doing here, instead of working for better anti-money laundering enforcement and to prevent illicit financial flows,” Carvalho said.

Watch the full panel:

Emilia Díaz-Struck oversees the data accuracy and integrity of all ICIJ projects. She has taken part in numerous cross-border projects including ICIJ’s Fincen Files, Implant Files, Paradise Papers and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Panama Papers investigation.

A member of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s cabinet, Superintendent Linda Lacewell has dedicated her career to serving the public. She has strengthened cybersecurity in the financial services industry, brought bank branches into underserved areas, and hired a diverse and talented leadership team.

Anthony Cormier is a senior investigative reporter at BuzzFeed News, where he has examined the Trump administration, global banks, and the CIA.

Executive director and project manager at Transparency International Portugal, Karina Carvalho is a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional and a faculty member at the University of Coimbra.