Paradise Papers Research Raises Questions Over Glencore’s $440m Congo Discount
Will Fitzgibbon · December 14, 2017

How did Glencore manage to get a $440m discount – the equivalent to a year’s education budget – in the Congo?

Wealth inequality ‘crisis’ as richest 1 percent account for half the world’s wealth
Spencer Woodman · November 14, 2017

Global inequality has worsened since the millennium, with a new report finding the richest 1 percent account for half of the world’s wealth.

Canadians In Paradise Papers Will Be Investigated: Trudeau
Ryan Chittum · November 7, 2017

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told parliament he is “committed to fighting tax evasion and tax avoidance.”

Justin Trudeau's chief fundraiser linked to offshore tax maneuvers
Ryan Chittum and Harvey Cashore · November 5, 2017

Long-standing offshore ties of the Liberal Party moneyman and his famous family provide jarring contrast to Canadian prime minister’s campaign for tax fairness.

7 charts that show how the rich hide their cash
Amy Wilson-Chapman · September 13, 2017

These charts show which countries have the most wealth offshore and what that means for inequality.

Panama Papers source offers data to governments, hints at more
ICIJ · June 27, 2016

Source known only as John Doe says income inequality “one of the defining issues of our time” and calls on government to address it. Image: NDR

Panama Papers Source Offers Documents To Governments, Hints At More To Come
ICIJ · May 6, 2016

The anonymous whistleblower behind the Panama Papers has conditionally offered to make the documents available to government authorities.