Uganda, Mauritius, and Kenya: What’s life like as a reporter?

For investigations like Mauritius Leaks, we work with partners around the world. We spoke with three of our partners from Uganda, Kenya and Mauritius about what press freedom was like at home – and the challenges they overcome.



We worked with 54 reporters from 18 countries on the Mauritius Leaks investigation, including journalists from Mauritius, La Reunion, Uganda, Tanzania, the United States and the United Kingdom that we’d never worked with before.

With every project, we learn more about what this sort of reporting means to journalists around the world, and the impact it can have on their communities.

“You have countries trapped in poverty,” Ugandan editor Tabu Butagira told me when he first started working on the investigation. “Investments are not funded and that’s fewer services for the ordinary person … Why are people who are making a lot of money not paying their share of tax?”

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