Gerardo Reyes, United States/Colombia, is the director of the investigation team at Univisión, the largest TV network in Spanish in the U.S.

Reyes is an investigative reporter with more than 40 years of experience. His stories have focused on corruption, drug trafficking and concentration of wealth.

For his individual and team work, he has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize, Peabody, Emmy Awards, Maria Moors Cabot, IRE, Ortega y Gasset (Spain), Editorial Planeta and Simon Bolivar (Colombia) awards. Some of his books include “Don Julio Mario’’, the unauthorized biography of one of the richest men in Latin America; “Alex Saab: the truth about a businessman who made millions under the shadow of Maduro”, and "Our Man at the DEA’’.

He has directed the Univision documentaries, “The Obscure Light of the World” (about the sexual abuses of a Mexican pastor), “Fast and Furious: Arming the Enemy”, “El Chapo Guzmán’’ and “Narcosubmarines’’.