Jesús Escudero, Spain, is an investigative data reporter in the first data unit ever created in a Spanish media organization, at El Confidencial.

He combines his daily routine of gathering and analyzing public information using the Freedom of Information Act with long investigative reports.

He participated in the Pulitzer-winning Panama Papers investigation in collaboration with more than 370 reporters in 76 countries. Due to his work in this project, he was recognized with Spain's Best Journalist Award 2016, along with all the Spanish members of the Panama Papers team.

His investigations include The MEPs Project, which revealed the opacity of the general expenditure allowance used by the members of the European Parliament, and X-ray of the Spanish Development Aid, which was judged one of the ten best innovative projects by the Gabriel García Márquez Awards 2014.

He also managed The Water Fund: Spain Supplies Latin America investigation, a project about the biggest Spanish cooperation programme.His major field of expertise is filing Freedom of Information requests to public authorities. Through this work, he has revealed details about the Spanish tax amnesty, correspondence between the European Commission and Spain related to renewable energy and 8 million data points from public speed detector radars. This project was nominated in the open data and public choice categories of the Data Journalism Awards 2017.