Implant Files

Health authorities across the globe have failed to protect millions of patients from poorly tested implants, the first-ever global examination of the medical device industry reveals.


Hidden dangers: patients, doctors not informed of defective implants

By Spencer Woodman

Flaws found in hundreds of medical devices trigger safety alerts or recalls by manufacturers each year. Too often these vital warnings fail to reach patients and doctors.

Everything You Need to Know About the Implant Files

By Hilary Fung and Antonio Cucho Gamboa

Our year-long investigation uncovered the harm caused by poorly-tested medical devices. Here’s what we found.

Patients Fight For Answers As Broken Implants Cause Unseen Agony

By Spencer Woodman

Millions worldwide live with faulty medical devices inside them that have been taken off the market.

Implant Files: An Introduction


Patients around the world have become unwitting test subjects for new medical technology. Often following the trusted advice of their doctors, they have been injured, maimed and killed by poorly-tested implants.