Joaquín Castellón, Spain, is investigations and data editor at LaSexta TV, where he has worked since 2008. LaSexta TV is the first Spanish private television channel ever with a data team.

His work focused on corruption in government and corporations and conflict of interest, and he has uncovered a number of scandals, leading to the resignation of politicians.

Castellón started his collaboration with ICIJ in 2014 during the SwissLeaks investigation and he has since participated in Panama Papers (after which Spain’s industry, energy, and tourism minister resigned), Bahamas Leaks, Paradise Papers and Implant Files.

A graduate of the Journalism School of the University of Navarre (Spain) and founding member of the Spanish Investigative Journalism Association (API), Castellón has also worked in different media groups in the Basque Country (Cadena Ser, Onda Cero, Diario de Noticias, Localia, UNE TV), where he covered politics, and local and terrorism issues. He teaches investigative journalism at the University Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid) and at the Formation Program of ATRESMEDIA media group.

Castellón and all the Spanish members of the Panama Papers team were recognized with Spain's Best Journalist Award and Foreign Correspondent Award in 2016.