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Marcos Garcia Rey

Marcos García Rey, Spain, is a freelance reporter, university researcher on political violence and coordinator of the first ever Masters Degree in Investigative Reporting, Data Journalism and Visualization in Spanish.

In 2000, García Rey became editor of the International News Service in Arabic for the Spanish news agency EFE. He was editor of the Multimedia desk at EFE in 2006 when he was awarded a research fellowship in Madrid’s Rey Juan Carlos University where he investigates political violence and terrorism in collaboration with other European academic institutions.

His most recent investigations include X-ray of the Spanish Development Aid, and Spain in Flames, an ongoing project that sheds light on the tragedy of forest fires in Spain.

García Rey has co-authored several books, including: El 11-M en la prensa arabe (2004), which detailed Arab media coverage of the 2004 Al-Qaeda attacks in Madrid; and Vidas Rotas (2010), on the Basque terrorist organization ETA.

He has been a contributor to several local newspapers, and to Arab TV channels like Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, or Deutsche Welle Arabic Service. His pieces have been published in Huffington Post, Le Soir, La Vanguardia, El País, Il Fatto Quotidiano, among other newspapers.

In 2010 García Rey participated in his first ICIJ project, Looting the Seas I. The project was awarded the 2010 the Overseas Press Club of America’s Whitman Bassow Award and IRE’s Tom Renner Award for 2010. In 2011 he was also a member of the team that carried out the investigation Looting the Seas II, which was finalist for IRE's Tom Renner Award in 2011.

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