Neil Chenoweth, Australia, is a senior writer with The Australian Financial Review.

In 1991, Chenoweth almost brought Rupert Murdoch's career undone with a magazine article that triggered a secret government inquiry into Murdoch's family companies. Since then, he has earned a reputation as one of Australia's best forensic business journalists and is regarded as the world’s most substantive writer on the public and hidden worlds of the Murdoch business empire.

He is the author of the books Virtual Murdoch (2001), Rupert Murdoch (2002), Packer's Lunch (2006), and Murdoch's Pirates (2012).

Chenoweth was born in Thailand and spent the 1980s in the Middle East. He is a three-time winner of Australia's highest journalism award, the Walkley Award. One of those prizes was the coveted Gold Walkley.