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We need your support to keep reporting in 2020 and beyond

ICIJ is thrilled to take part in NewsMatch the national nonprofit news campaign that doubles gifts of up to $1,000 from individual donors until December 31.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) is thrilled to be participating once again in NewsMatch, the national nonprofit news campaign that doubles gifts of up to $1,000 from individual donors. We have the opportunity to raise $20,000 in matching funds for independent investigative journalism now through December 31.

How can you help?

Start by learning more about ICIJ Insiders, our growing community of individual supporters from around the world. Like many nonprofits, ICIJ relies heavily on foundation support (and we’re grateful to have it!). But we know that in order to be sustainable and impactful over the long term, we need to diversify our funding base. That’s where you come in — your support is reliable and consistent and it keeps our reporting fearless, bold and independent. Our goal over the next several years is to significantly increase the revenue we receive from readers like you.

“We’ve seen initial success with our ICIJ Insiders program and now we want to take it to the next level,”  ICIJ’s Director Gerard Ryle explained. “We are truly inspired by the thousands of people who donate what they can because they understand that investigative journalism is vital. By drastically expanding our crowdfunding efforts, and having to rely less on foundation support, we can ensure ICIJ’s sustainability over the long term.”

Now is the perfect time to join us, because NewsMatch will double your one-time gift or match new monthly gifts 12x. We recently opened ICIJ Insiders up to all of our donors, which means you get the same benefits if you join at $5  as you do for joining at $500 (read more about our benefits here). We only ask you to contribute what you can to power our journalism in 2020 and beyond.

Because where would we be without investigative journalism?

Powerful people and institutions would be able to act in corrupt, immoral and illegal ways without being held accountable. The most vulnerable people in our society would suffer more without journalists being able to tell their story. What would happen in your own country — your own community — without the courageous work of investigative journalists?

We don’t like to imagine that scenario, but it’s a real possibility. Every day, we hear from our members and partners about the challenges to reporting in their home countries. We have seen a rise in threats to press freedom around the world, with journalists being detained, punished, or even killed. ICIJ’s model of global, collaborative journalism is more important than ever, because we combat these threats and attacks through the collective power of our network and the truth we tell in our stories.

This is why we ask for your help.

ICIJ needs support from readers like you to exist and thrive, so we can root out and expose corruption in all corners of the world. Help us fulfill this mission by joining ICIJ Insiders and becoming part of a powerful movement to strengthen nonprofit investigative journalism this NewsMatch campaign.

ICIJ is dedicated to ensuring all reports we publish are accurate. If you believe you have found an inaccuracy let us know.