With Luanda Leaks, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is making available a list of the companies in which Isabel dos Santos and her husband Sindika Dokolo hold or have held a stake as shareholders, either directly or through another company. This graphic shows the scale and reach of their business empire, and how it grew over the years.

ICIJ compiled the list of companies by scouring the leaked data and also using company registries, databases, and corporate documents. ICIJ also relied on information gathered through previous investigations, including Offshore Leaks.

ICIJ only listed the companies for which there was documented evidence of a shareholding link with Isabel dos Santos, and/or her husband. While ICIJ made every effort to identify all the companies connected to the dos Santos family, it is probable we missed some.


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ICIJ identified 11 companies tied to the dos Santos family that are not displayed on the map, because it wasn’t clear when the stake was acquired. These companies are, however, included in the downloadable spreadsheet.

For the sake of transparency and to give an idea of the scale and the reach of Dos Santos’ shareholdings, ICIJ has also provided information on the companies that are or were part of the groups Galp, NOS, Efacec, as well as the banks in which she holds or has held shares in the past. However, ICIJ only included the mother companies in the map so as not to overcrowd the visualization.

By: Delphine Reuter, Mago Torres, Antonio Cucho, Madeline O’Leary, Anne L’Hôte, Soline Ledésert, Pauliina Siniauer
Contributors: Scilla Alecci, Sydney Freedberg, Emilia Díaz-Struck, Douglas Dalby, Micael Pereira, Marcos Garcia Rey, Karlijn Kuijpers, Sonia Rolley