Luanda Leaks

‘I knocked at the door of the minister and he confessed’ — recollections of a veteran investigator
Kyra Gurney · April 16, 2020

Micael Pereira is a senior staff writer at the leading Portuguese newspaper who worked on Luanda Leaks and many other ICIJ projects.

Isabel dos Santos condemns ‘abusive’ seizure of $442m stake
Douglas Dalby · April 7, 2020

Portugal has ramped up pressure on Isabel dos Santos in the wake of Luanda Leaks, and following a request from Angolan authorities in pursuit of more than $1 billion.

What is a tax haven? Offshore finance, explained
Will Fitzgibbon and Ben Hallman · April 6, 2020

Four years after Panama Papers, why ICIJ continues to report on tax havens, and those who exploit them.

Luanda Leaks sealed new Cape Verde banking law, minister says
Will Fitzgibbon · March 19, 2020

Cape Verde will close banks that serve only foreign customers, including one partly owned by Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos.

Portuguese ‘super judge’ orders total seizure of dos Santos assets
Douglas Dalby · March 17, 2020

Judge Carlos Alexandre has ordered the seizure of all Isabel dos Santos’ assets in Portugal, including lucrative stakes in various companies and luxury properties.

Portugal likely to freeze proceeds from Isabel dos Santos bank sale
Douglas Dalby · March 4, 2020

Portugal will likely freeze proceeds from the expected sale of Isabel dos Santos’ $200 million stake in EuroBic.

Luanda Leaks Dutch newspaper wins against dos Santos advisers
Will Fitzgibbon · March 2, 2020

A Dutch court has dismissed a case brought by a trust company against journalists who reported on Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos as part of the Luanda Leaks investigation.

How Isabel dos Santos went shopping in Mauritius for shell companies, secrecy and a tax dodge
Will Fitzgibbon · February 25, 2020

The dos Santos brewery masterplan hinged on one of the couple’s favorite business entities: shell companies. This time the couple turned to Mauritius the small island tax haven off the east coast of Africa.

The world’s biggest tax haven lurked behind a dos Santos penthouse
Will Fitzgibbon, Sydney P. Freedberg and Micael Pereira · February 24, 2020

As scrutiny of her business empire increased, African billionaire Isabel dos Santos turned to one of the world’s most secretive tax havens to conceal a $1.8 million luxury apartment.

Luanda Leaks: How collaboration helped connect the dots
Priyanka Boghani · February 18, 2020

Project manager Fergus Shiel reveals how ICIJ came to possess the 700,000 Luanda Leaks files – and how the collaboration of 36 media partners came together.