A secretive £750m trust located in a Channel Islands tax haven sits at the top of an elaborate offshore web of companies belonging to the family behind the Nando’s chicken chain, frequented by, amongst others, the British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The revelation comes after the identities of thousands of wealthy offshore clients of a major Channel Isles private bank were leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

The ICIJ has exclusively allowed The Guardian newspaper to analyze more than 20,000 of the names, most of whom had dealings with a discreet Jersey, Channel Islands branch of Kleinwort Benson, a famous London firm which specializes in “wealth management.”

Nando’s growing popularity has ensured that the restaurant has become a classless destination for such customers as David Beckham, Jay Z,  as well as the British Prime Minister in the campaigning run up to the European election.

Although completely legal, the offshore world of Nando’s British operations is particularly elaborate.

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