Lux Leaks, Panama Papers spur EU to better protect whistleblowers
Douglas Dalby and Simon Bowers · April 18, 2019

Whistleblowers who leak information to journalists, or reveal unlawful behavior, are a step closer to improved legal protections across Europe.

Panama Papers helps recover more than $1.2 billion around the world
Douglas Dalby and Amy Wilson-Chapman · April 3, 2019

More than $1.2 billion has been publicly collected by governments around the world after the 2016 investigation, the Panama Papers.

Italy Announces Medical Device Registries After Implant Files
Scilla Alecci · April 1, 2019

Italy will launch registries for breast implants and orthopedic devices after the Implant Files exposed flaws in the country’s regulatory system.

French parliamentary body advocates radical overhaul of medical device market
Douglas Dalby · March 14, 2019

A French inquiry is calling for sweeping reforms of medical devices regulation in France and across Europe, branding the current system “massively dysfunctional.”

‘Sometimes the back door will get you there faster’: Reporting on the Implant Files
Martha M. Hamilton · March 12, 2019

Meet ICIJ’s Norwegian member Nina Selbo Torset who believes in saying yes to opportunities that pull you out of your comfort zone — and of checking the back door when other doors are closed.

Leading manufacturer exits vaginal mesh market
Simon Bowers · March 8, 2019

One of the biggest manufacturers of vaginal mesh implants, C.R. Bard, is ending all production and marketing of the controversial products.

European Authorities Launch Probe Into Secret Lux Leaks Tax Deal  
Simon Bowers · March 7, 2019

The European Commission has opened an investigation into one of the 546 secret tax deals exposed by ICIJ’s Lux Leaks project almost five years ago.

Belgium Investigates Medical Device Bribery Allegations In Wake Of Implant Files
Douglas Dalby · March 6, 2019

Belgian authorities are investigating allegations that surgeons received bribes to favor certain brands of medical devices, amid accusations that the practice is rife across Europe.

Seven EU Countries Labeled ‘Tax Havens’ in Parliament Report
Simon Bowers · March 4, 2019

A European Parliament committee found that seven member states facilitate aggressive tax planning, and recommended an EU financial police force be set up.

‘It is a big problem’: European lawmakers discuss medical device oversight
Douglas Dalby · February 28, 2019

Europe should force medical equipment companies to set up a fund to help victims of faulty devices as part of a complete overhaul of legislation governing the industry, a parliamentary committee heard.