EU states miss financial transparency deadline
Douglas Dalby · March 25, 2020

Most European Union members have failed to implement new measures designed to counter the corporate secrecy underpinning international money laundering.

Portuguese ‘super judge’ orders total seizure of dos Santos assets
Douglas Dalby · March 17, 2020

Judge Carlos Alexandre has ordered the seizure of all Isabel dos Santos’ assets in Portugal, including lucrative stakes in various companies and luxury properties.

Portugal likely to freeze proceeds from Isabel dos Santos bank sale
Douglas Dalby · March 4, 2020

Portugal will likely freeze proceeds from the expected sale of Isabel dos Santos’ $200 million stake in EuroBic.

Luanda Leaks Dutch newspaper wins against dos Santos advisers
Will Fitzgibbon · March 2, 2020

A Dutch court has dismissed a case brought by a trust company against journalists who reported on Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos as part of the Luanda Leaks investigation.

Portugal seizes Isabel dos Santos’ bank accounts
Douglas Dalby · February 11, 2020

Portugal is the latest to take action against Africa’s richest woman, Isabel dos Santos, seizing dozens of her bank accounts.

‘It was personal’ – Covering the murder of a fellow reporter
Spencer Woodman · February 5, 2020

ICIJ member and Guardian reporter Juliette Garside talks about reporting on the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia and working on investigations like China Cables.

Reporting beyond the Luanda Leaks documents
Scilla Alecci · February 4, 2020

A cross-border reporting “army” knocked on doors in Europe, visited hidden retailers in Sardinia, traveled to the Brazilian Amazon, and the French Riviera.

Angolan investment at risk as dos Santos-linked jeweler goes under
Kyra Gurney and Scilla Alecci · January 29, 2020

Geneva-based de Grisogono’s main shareholders are Sindika Dokolo, Isabel dos Santos’ husband, and the trading arm of Angola’s state-controlled diamond agency.

Dos Santos’ businesses in Portugal, Cape Verde face new questions after Luanda Leaks
Scilla Alecci · January 28, 2020

Authorities in Portugal and Cape Verde are investigating companies and service providers linked to the African billionaire Isabel dos Santos.

Soccer leaker Rui Pinto named as Luanda Leaks whistleblower
Douglas Dalby and Sydney P. Freedberg · January 27, 2020

Rui Pinto, the author of Football Leaks, has been named as the source behind Luanda Leaks.