Secrecy for Sale

Video: How To Dodge Tax

ICIJ collaborated with the BBC and the Guardian to unmask the “nominee directors” who pose as public faces for more than 21,500 offshore companies. 

Watch the full program on BBC’s Panorama; read the investigation at

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Inside Secrecy for Sale
Who’s Buying Britain? Probe Reveals Real Estate Speculators Hidden By Offshore Alchemy
November 26, 2012 — Secretive trusts and companies born in British Virgin Islands have helped anonymous buyers snap up luxury properties in London and other UK locales.
Inside Secrecy for Sale
One Block in London, Many Secret Owners
Bankrupt Irish developer and the Ukraine’s richest man are among individuals linked to hyper-lux apartments for the super rich.
Inside Secrecy for Sale
Post-Soviet Billionaires Invade UK … Via British Virgin Islands
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