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Celebrate Panama Papers impact and get a tote bag!

I still remember this day, three years ago, when we hit publish on the Panama Papers.

This April, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has kicked off a special Panama Papers campaign. Here’s ICIJ director Gerard Ryle’s email to readers. Want to be on the list? Sign up here!

I still remember this day, three years ago, when we hit publish on the Panama Papers. We’d worked secretly for more than a year, but that couldn’t prepare us for the incredible response and impact the investigation would have — and that it continues to have today.

More than $1.2 billion has been recouped around the world thanks to the Panama Papers.

This is a striking example — one of many — of how ICIJ’s worldwide, fearless investigative reporting holds the powerful to account. Just this year, the first Americans were charged in a case related to the Panama Papers, and the former president of El Salvador was charged with money laundering.

Each week over the next month, you’ll hear from reporters worldwide who worked on the Panama Papers.

I know they’re excited to share their stories with you, and I’m looking forward to reliving the challenges and amazing outcomes of their work.

Their colorful tales are also a reminder that the journalism we do at ICIJ is tough, time-consuming and requires a great deal of resources.

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