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Kristof Clerix

Kristof Clerix, Belgium, works as a reporter for the Belgian weekly news magzine Knack. , and previously reported for MO*, a Belgian magazine on international affairs.

He has been working as a journalist in Belgium since 2002. After two years freelancing for the Belgian daily De Morgen, he joined the team of MO*, a Belgian monthly magazine on international affairs. He has written substantially on security topics such as international police cooperation, secret services, NATO, EU defense policy, drug smuggling, human trafficking, illegal arms dealing, nuclear proliferation, city gangs, energy and pipelines, geopolitics, frozen conflicts and the War on Terror.

Clerix has reported from countries such as Albania, Armenia, the Baltic States, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Morocco, the disputed region Nagorno Karabakh, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, the disputed region Transnistria and Ukraine.

He started working for Knack in 2016.

Clerix has been active as a volunteer for many years within the VVOJ, the Flemish Dutch Association for Investigative Journalists

In 2006, Clerix wrote the book Vrij Spel, on the activities of foreign secret services operating in Belgium, host country to the NATO headquarters and European institutions. His second book, Spionage. Doelwit: Brussel, on Cold War espionage was published in September 2013. Clerix is regularly contacted by international media to comment on the Belgian security apparatus. He wrote several contributions for The Guardian, on the fight against terrorism in the heart of Europe.

In 2005, Clerix won the Investigative Journalism Award for Young Journalists handed out by the VVOJ. In 2010, he was awarded the European Young Journalist Award for Belgium, a prize by the European Commission. In 2015 he won the Investigative Journalism Award of VVOJ.

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