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Lars Bové

Lars Bové, Belgium, is a journalist at the Belgian newspaper De Tijd and a teacher in journalism in Brussels (Campus Persgroep) and Antwerp (Lessius Hogeschool).

Bové began his reporting career in 2003, first as an investigative journalist for the Belgian magazine Humo and afterwards for the Belgian newspaper De Tijd. He specialized in criminal cases, court cases, justice, police, secret services, financial crime, fraud, government and politics. As an investigative reporter he unveiled several scandals, such as the ‘Fortisgate’ scandal that caused the Belgian government to resign in 2008, a corruption scandal within the Brussels justice system, as well as the massive fiscal fraud in the Antwerp diamond business.

He has received awards for his work, such as the Citibank Journalistic Excellence Award 2012 for an investigation into the profits of the criminal economy in Belgium and the Belfius Press Award 2013 for an investigative report on the fiscal constructions of billionaire Bernard Arnault.

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