Minna Knus-Galán, Finland, works on the investigative TV program MOT at the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle.

Knus-Galán’s coverage of tax havens, Bangladesh garment factories and corruption have earned several awards. These include Koura TV-prize and a special award by the Association of Investigative Journalism for her work on Panama Papers in 2017.

Journalist of the Year with the Grand Prize for Journalism 2015, Anders Chydenius - Freedom of Information Award for investigating tax havens together with ICIJ (Offshore Leaks and LuxLeaks) 2014, and the Topelius-award for the best Swedish-speaking journalist in Finland, 2011.

Knus-Galán has also won TV awards for her work on corruption in the Finnish Tax Administration and in Finnish development projects. Other investigations have included mining industry, elderly care, and medicine. 

In 2017 her books on the Panama Papers, "Projekt Panama" (in Swedish) and "Tarkoin varjeltu" (in Finnish), were published.

Knus-Galán was chairperson of the Finnish Association of Investigative Journalism, Tutkiva, from 2009 to 2013 and is the co-organizer of conferences of investigative journalism in Helsinki.She is a graduate in Journalism from the Faculty of Communication at the University of Navarre, Spain. Knus-Galán is fluent in Swedish, Finnish, English, Spanish and has knowledge of French.