Soline Ledésert, France, is User Experience Designer at ICIJ, where she builds user-friendly tools for journalists and is a major manager of Datashare.

She is also a freelance social media video writer at the Franco-German television network Arte.
Before joining ICIJ, Soline was a freelance user experience designer and journalist working with large media outlets in France such as Télérama, Bayard and Radio France.

Prior to that, she was chief editor of France Culture’s news morning show Les Matins de France Culture at French public service radio broadcaster Radio France. She also worked as an analyst of media economics at the lab of French telecommunication company Orange in San Francisco.

Soline co-founded, a non-profit project that watches recommendations of YouTube’s algorithms and informs citizens regarding the workings and consequences of the algorithms that shape our access to information. She also co-founded, a non-profit project that asks data specialists to agree to the equivalent of medicine's Hippocratic oath.