Søren Kristensen, Denmark, is an investigative journalist at the documentary department at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), the national Danish radio and television station.

He began his journalistic career in 1996 at the small daily newspaper Ringkøbing Amts Dagblad. After a short spell there, he joined the Danish Broadcasting Corporation where he has worked ever since in a number of different radio and TV jobs.

Among these were regional and national radio news along with investigative TV programs like “Rapporten”, “21 Søndag” and “Bag Facaden”. His stories ranged from features about people dying from asbestos in old trains, to online bullying and internet fraud.

In January 2014, Kristensen along with four colleagues at DR Documentary received the Danish Journalistic Award Cavlingprisen for four TV documentaries called “In Tax Havens”, which featured Danish revelations of the ICIJ Offshore Leaks investigation. The programs exposed how banks, lawyers and audit companies are willing to help wealthy Danes avoid paying tax in Denmark, and later that year they also won an award at the annual TV Festival in Denmark. He was also a part of ICIJ’s Luxembourg Leaks investigation, which featured in another series of TV documentaries about how private equity used tax deals in Luxembourg, when they bought former Danish state-owned companies.