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Statement from Travis Kalanick’s spokesperson on the Uber Files

Read the full statement from a spokeswoman for the Uber founder and former CEO, in response to questions asked by ICIJ and its media partners as part of the Uber Files investigation.

The Uber Files investigation is based on a leak of sensitive texts, emails, invoices, briefing notes, presentations and other documents exchanged by top Uber executives, government bureaucrats and world leaders in nearly 30 countries.

The documents are dated from 2013 to 2017, a time period when Uber was barging into cities in defiance of local laws and regulations, dodging taxes and seeking to grind into submission the taxi industry, most prominently, but also labor activists. The files include communications featuring Uber founder Travis Kalanick, who was CEO of the tech company until he resigned in mid-2017.

Devon Spurgeon, a spokeswoman for Kalanick, said the company’s rapid expansion was powered by a team of “over a hundred leaders in dozens of countries around the world” who were overseen by Uber’s “robust legal, policy, and compliance groups.” Read her statement here:

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