From a UK MP to Secret German Tax Investigations: Swiss Leaks Video Reports

Along with dozens of print and online media partners, a number of broadcast journalists produced video packages that reached millions of viewers all around the world. Here are some samples from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany:


BBC Panorama reporter Richard Bilton and producer James Oliver together produced a full 30-minute program, featuring door-stop interviews with former HSBC chief and British trade minister Lord Stephen Green and Stoke City Football Club director Keith Humphreys, and a report made against the backdrop of thousands upon thousands of files pasted over the walls of a special room set up for the program. Here’s a shortened version that featured as part of BBC’s news coverage in the lead-up to the February 9 program:


ICIJ member and reporter for CBC/Radio-Canada Frédéric Zalac produced a number of stories in French and English that revealed the level of privacy offered to the bank’s clients through some of the more detailed client notes in the Swiss Leaks files, including examples of a client who would only use public payphones to order bank transfers through the Swiss branch, and another who didn’t want to have his name appear on bank transfers at all. In the below video, Frédéric speaks with a client of the bank whose client notes stated that he did not want to ever be contacted the bank, and detailed how he would fly to France then drive to Switzerland to visit the bank “in order not to re-enact his final destination:”


ICIJ’s German partners at NDR and WDR Maik Gizinski and Nils Casjens with Julia Stein and Monika Wagener took a global look at the Swiss Leaks files, probed HSBC Switzerland’s links with friends of alleged dictators, diamond traffickers and arms dealers, its role in alleged tax avoidance and evasion, and questioned Germany’s refusal to provide any details of its investigation into HSBC and its clients after the country received the data from France in 2010:

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