Secrecy for Sale

Video: Tax Havens 101

What are offshore tax havens, who uses them, and how do they work? Find out in our explainer, and get the full story at

Written by Kimberley Porteous and Marina Walker Guevara, with Scott Higham. Animations by Sohail Al-Jamea and illustrations by Patterson Clark (both of The Washington Post). Produced by Kat Downs and Ariana Cha.


Contributors to this story: Kat Downs and Ariana Cha

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Inside Secrecy for Sale
Offshore Tax Havens Became Traps for Investors
April 7, 2013 — Internal records of offshore trusts and companies in the South Pacific and the Caribbean reveal sanctuaries for secrecy-seekers.
Inside Secrecy for Sale
Faux Corporate Directors Stand in for Fraudsters, Despots and Spies
Worldwide network of ‘nominee directors’ helps hide real people, and organizations, behind offshore companies.
Inside Secrecy for Sale
Top Malaysian Politicians Use Offshore Secrecy
April 8, 2013 — Key members of the Malaysian government, their families, and well-heeled associates are among those owning secretive offshore companies in Singapore and the British Virgin Islands.