Bahamas Leaks

Bahamas, US Virgin Islands and St. Kitts and Nevis added to EU blacklist
Cecile S. Gallego · March 15, 2018

Three major offshore hubs in the Caribbean have been added to the EU’s tax haven blacklist.

More data than ever before added to the Offshore Leaks Database
Cecile S. Gallego · February 12, 2018

New data from the Paradise Papers will allow you to explore more information on companies registered in the Cook Islands, Samoa and Malta.

How to explore networks and entity metadata
Cecile S. Gallego · January 16, 2018

Part two of a three-part series: Here are a few tips on how to navigate the networks and extract all the information you can out of ICIJ’s Offshore Leaks Database.

Four Caribbean tax havens added to the Offshore Leaks Database
Cecile S. Gallego · December 19, 2017

Information on more than 680,000 entities in 55 secrecy jurisdictions can now be searched and downloaded.

LuxLeaks trial continues as whistleblowers fight conviction
Will Fitzgibbon · December 22, 2016

Luxembourg’s second trial against two whistleblowers and a journalist will extend into the New Year as the Lux Leaks legal stoush continues.

Tillerson directed offshore company used in Russia deals
Sasha Chavkin · December 17, 2016

The ExxonMobil chief nominated by Donald Trump to be Secretary of State was a director of an offshore company that had close dealings with Russia.

‘There is a need for action:’ Europe debates Bahamas Leaks
Will Fitzgibbon and Cecile S. Gallego · October 7, 2016

In a fiery session, European parliamentarians called for an end to financial secrecy as the Bahamas pledged to fast-track transparency measures.

Bahamas Leaks prompts swift reaction, outrage in Europe
Will Fitzgibbon and Emilia Díaz-Struck · September 22, 2016

The European Commission is considering action against a former top official following revelations she didn’t declare her Bahamian company.

ICIJ publishes leaked Bahamas info to offshore database
Will Fitzgibbon · September 21, 2016

Now, for the first time, users can access corporate data from the Bahamas – including some politicians’ offshore holdings – online for free.

Former EU Official Among Politicians in New Leak
Will Fitzgibbon and Emilia Díaz-Struck · September 20, 2016

Former top EU official among the politicians and others named in leak revealing 175,000 offshore companies registered in the Bahamas.