Secrets of the masters

How spies and investigative reporters think alike
Simon Bowers · July 11, 2018

ICIJ member Kristof Clerix specializes in reporting on intelligence agencies and espionage, and finds his methods are similar to the spies he’s investigating.

I gave a TEDx Talk about taxation and everyone stayed awake
Simon Bowers · July 2, 2018

Explaining the contortions that multinational corporations put themselves through to avoid taxes is a journalistic challenge. Here’s one way to overcome it.

Journalist Ritu Sarin on the Panama Papers 'treasure hunt'
Scilla Alecci · April 18, 2018

Sarin tells us what it’s like working as an investigative reporter in India, and other insights in our monthly column Meet the Investigators.

‘Don’t aim at fame; just be a good, compassionate person’
Dai Qing and Karen Chang · August 28, 2014

ICIJ member Dai Qing went from accidental reporter to one of China’s most prominent investigative journalists by virtue of courage and a belief in press freedom.

‘Try and find Narnia in the wardrobe’: inside the work of a research specialist
Paul Myers and Margot Williams · June 3, 2014

ICIJ member and veteran internet researcher shares his experience and some practical tips for using the world wide web to investigate and dig a whole lot deeper.

‘I have never felt disadvantaged being a woman reporter’
Ritu Sarin · February 25, 2014

Ritu Sarin describes her investigations of secret payments, hidden bank accounts and bugs planted in the Prime Minister’s office – and explains why her gender never held her back as she rose to become a top editor in India.

‘Capture the popular imagination’
Sheila Coronel · February 3, 2014

Sheila Coronel describes how she uncovered a trail of money, mistresses and mansions that helped bring down a former president of the Philippines, and shares her vision for fostering investigative journalism among her students.

‘Everyone can be an investigative journalist. Everyone!’
Inga Springe · December 12, 2013

Inga Springe describes the challenges of creating the first investigative journalism center in the Baltics, as well as her groundbreaking investigations into organized crime and economic inequality.

‘The biggest criminals write laws that make their crimes legal’
Giannina Segnini · November 27, 2013

Giannina Segnini, the director of the investigative team at La Nacion newspaper in Costa Rica, describes her approach to the investigation that put two former Costa Rican presidents behind bars.

‘I’m still waiting for my first car chase’
Stefaans Brümmer · November 7, 2013

Stefaans Brummer’s reporting helped put South Africa’s national police chief in jail for corruption. He tells reporters to embrace the numbers and the nitty-gritty details.