Latin America

‘Navigating underwater’: Data journalism and press freedom in Bolivia
Sasha Chavkin · March 30, 2020

Nelfi Fernandez Reyes talks about reporting while democracy is under assault.

Peru’s former first lady faces jail over Odebrecht corruption
Sasha Chavkin · March 12, 2020

Following Bribery Division, a Peruvian prosecutor requested three years in prison for former Peruvian first lady Nadine Heredia for alleged corruption connected with Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht.

Luanda Leaks stories from around the world
Kyra Gurney · January 23, 2020

From Brazilian real estate to Swiss jewelry, read all the headlines from Luanda Leaks stories from dozens of ICIJ’s media partners around the world.

My new friend is a news bot from Chile called LaBot
Kyra Gurney · October 7, 2019

If news talks more like your friends, it will be harder to ignore. That’s the rationale behind LaBot, a digital chat tool created by Chilean journalists.

Deadly Kidney Disease Linked to Climate Change in New Report
Sasha Chavkin · August 29, 2019

A mysterious disease that has killed thousands of laborers in the tropics could be a sign of the growing health threat posed by climate change.

How these veteran Odebrecht investigative reporters uncovered the truth
Sasha Chavkin · July 9, 2019

The Peruvian reporters share their experiences investigating Odebrecht, and what to expect next as the political shockwaves from Odebrecht continue to ripple across Latin America.

Two Dominican Republic Officials Resign in Wake of Bribery Division Revelations
Sasha Chavkin · July 3, 2019

The Dominican Republic stock exchange president has resigned following revelations that companies linked to him received millions of dollars from Odebrecht.

‘This must be immediately investigated’
Sasha Chavkin · June 27, 2019

Politicians and advocates across the Americas have issued calls for reform or defended their records within a day of the Bribery Division being published.

Leak Exposes Millions of Dollars in New Payments In Odebrecht Cash-for-Contracts Scandal
Sasha Chavkin · June 25, 2019

A new investigation led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists reveals unreported cases and massive public works projects embroiled in Odebrecht’s bribery operation.

Bribery Division: What is Odebrecht? Who is Involved?
Fergus Shiel and Sasha Chavkin · June 25, 2019

Described as a “thing of criminal beauty,” the Odebrecht scandal has toppled presidents, politicians, business figures and lawyers in Latin America and the Caribbean.