A new dawn for Malaysian press
Scilla Alecci · June 6, 2018

After years of black magic, censorship and detention, Malaysian reporters have hope for journalism in their country.

Journalist Ritu Sarin on the Panama Papers 'treasure hunt'
Scilla Alecci · April 18, 2018

Sarin tells us what it’s like working as an investigative reporter in India, and other insights in our monthly column Meet the Investigators.

After Panama Papers, Indonesia urges beneficial owners to come out of hiding
Scilla Alecci · March 19, 2018

Indonesia has beefed up corporate transparency and will require all companies to regularly disclose their true, beneficial owners – not just their legal representatives – to authorities.

Cross-border collaboration: the antidote to censorship and press intimidation in Thailand
Scilla Alecci · March 8, 2018

ICIJ’s Thai member Prangtip Daoreung believes the best way to fight for press freedom is to work collaboratively, across borders.

Paradise Papers Lifts The Veil On Offshore Finance In Asia
Scilla Alecci · November 20, 2017

ICIJ’s Asian partners found offshore deals of Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, Indonesian dictator Suharto’s family, and Bollywood stars in the Paradise Papers.

Leaked Records Reveal Offshore’s Role In Forest Destruction
Scilla Alecci · November 8, 2017

How lawyers and big banks help one of Asia’s largest paper companies expand despite poor environmental record and social conflicts.

Offshore Trove Exposes Piggy Banks of the Wealthiest
ICIJ · November 5, 2017

A new leak of confidential records reveals the financial hideaways of iconic brands and power brokers across the political spectrum.

Pakistan’s PM Responds to Supreme Court Hearing on Panama Papers
Will Fitzgibbon · November 3, 2016

Nawaz Sharif defended himself before the nation’s highest court, as opposition supporters celebrated in Islamabad.

‘Don’t aim at fame; just be a good, compassionate person’
Dai Qing and Karen Chang · August 28, 2014

ICIJ member Dai Qing went from accidental reporter to one of China’s most prominent investigative journalists by virtue of courage and a belief in press freedom.

“Chinaleaks” stories censored in mainland China
Michael Hudson, Marina Walker Guevara and Alexa Olesen · January 22, 2014

Authorities block online access to ICIJ’s exposé of Chinese elite’s offshore holdings.