Artificial Intelligence

How we mined more than 715,000 Luanda Leaks records
Emilia Díaz-Struck, Pierre Romera and Soline Ledésert · February 3, 2020

Luanda Leaks was a trove of more than 175,000 emails – so how do we go about tackling such a massive dataset? And how can we be sure we haven’t missed major stories?

We Used AI to Identify the Sex of 340,000 People Harmed by Medical Devices
Marina Walker Guevara · November 25, 2019

The FDA won’t release data about whether patients were female or male, so ICIJ joined forces with Stanford to find answers.

Exposed: China’s Operating Manuals for Mass Internment and Arrest by Algorithm
Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian · November 24, 2019

A new leak of highly classified Chinese government documents reveals the operations manual for running the mass detention camps in Xinjiang and exposed the mechanics of the region’s system of mass surveillance.

How China Targets Uighurs ‘One by One’ for Using a Mobile App
Scilla Alecci · November 24, 2019

Highly classified Chinese government documents reveal Chinese authorities have been targeting users of the Zapya app, as part of their crackdown against the Muslim Uighur population.