Implant Files

We Used AI to Identify the Sex of 340,000 People Harmed by Medical Devices
Marina Walker Guevara · November 25, 2019

The FDA won’t release data about whether patients were female or male, so ICIJ joined forces with Stanford to find answers.

Safety data from 20 countries added to Implant Files database
Delphine Reuter, Pauliina Siniauer, Margot Williams and 3 more · November 25, 2019

The International Medical Device Database now has more than 120,000 records about faulty or even dangerous medical devices from 46 countries.

Australian Patients Win in Closely Watched Mesh Class Action
Spencer Woodman · November 21, 2019

Hundreds of Australian women who suffered from a controversial type of transvaginal mesh won a landmark class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson.

Readers from 50 countries share medical implant stories
Amy Wilson-Chapman and Agustin Armendariz · November 16, 2019

ICIJ received more than 3,500 responses from people affected by the medical device industry in 50 countries, bringing to life the personal cost of implants that fail.

FDA challenged over metal implants ‘public health travesty’
Sasha Chavkin · November 14, 2019

Patients who suffered debilitating immune reactions after being implanted with metal-containing devices have joined doctors, scientists and industry representatives to testify before a United States government advisory panel.

FDA recommends tough warnings for breast implants
Sasha Chavkin · October 23, 2019

U.S. health authorities have recommended that breast implant manufacturers provide stronger patient safety warnings.

India strengthens medical device regulation
Scilla Alecci · October 21, 2019

Nearly one year after the Implant Files, India’s health ministry plans to register and regulate medical devices the same way it does drugs.

Allergan recalls textured breast implants globally
Sasha Chavkin · July 24, 2019

Allergan will recall its Biocell textured breast implants worldwide due to their association with a rare cancer of the immune system.

Australia set to join nations banning textured breast implants over cancer links
Sasha Chavkin · July 11, 2019

Australian authorities have proposed to ban or suspend 25 models of breast implants due to their association with elevated risks of a rare cancer.

Implant Files honored with multiple awards around world
Zshekinah Collier · July 4, 2019

The Implant Files won the “health and wellness” prize at the ninth annual RedInk Awards for Excellence in Journalism in Mumbai, the latest honor for the ICIJ-led investigation into untested and unsafe medical devices.