China Cables

US blacklists Chinese companies linked to Uighur abuses
Scilla Alecci · May 28, 2020

Two U.S. government bodies have imposed new sanctions against Chinese officials and companies, but experts say the rules are being circumvented.

US Senate approves bill to punish China over Uighur rights
Sasha Chavkin · May 15, 2020

If enacted the bill would give the Trump Administration 180 days to report Chinese officials responsible for mass internment camps and other abuses in Xinjiang

Uighurs Sent From Camps to Factories, New Report Says
Hamish Boland-Rudder and Douglas Dalby · March 3, 2020

More than 80,000 Uighurs have been sent to work in factories making products for global brands, including Apple and Nike, according to a think tank report.

New Leak Shows How China Targets Uighurs in Xinjiang
Sasha Chavkin · February 19, 2020

The leaked “Qaraqash List” shows that ethnic minorities were detained in camps for growing a beard or wearing a veil, or having too many children.

Politicians Push For Sanctions, Olympic TV Boycott After China Cables
Sasha Chavkin · December 19, 2019

Pressure continues to grow on the Chinese government, with calls for asset freezes and Winter Olympics boycotts over its treatment of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.

How the world learned of China’s mass internment camps
Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian · December 12, 2019

We’ve learned a lot about China’s mass internment camps since the first English reports were published in 2017. But there are still plenty of unanswered questions.

Watch: A voice for Xinjiang detainees
Scilla Alecci · December 9, 2019

Zumrat Dawut, a Uighur woman who spent time in one of China’s detention camps, has spoken out about her experience on behalf of those still in camps. They “do not have a voice… Now I have the chance. And I choose to be their voice.”

Uighur Woman Tells Dutch Newspaper She Shared Leaked Chinese Government Documents 
Fergus Shiel · December 7, 2019

A Uighur woman in the Netherlands has claimed that she was one of the sources of documents used as part of the China Cables investigation.

US House Demands China Sanctions Over Uighur Crackdown
Sasha Chavkin · December 4, 2019

The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a bill calling for sanctions on Chinese officials responsible for mass detentions and other human rights abuses against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.

Governments Respond to China Cables, Call for UN Oversight
Scilla Alecci and Hamish Boland-Rudder · November 26, 2019

Governments across the world expressed deep concerns about the treatment of ethnic minorities in the region following the publication of the China Cables.