Breast implants

The 30-year Fight For Breast Implant Safety
Scilla Alecci · April 8, 2019

Sybil Goldrich and Jamee Cook both suffered after getting breast implants, Sybil in 1983 and Jamee in 1998. Together, they are fighting regulators to get more information to people considering getting breast implants.

Canada Halts Sales of Cancer-Linked Breast Implants, as Global Scrutiny Grows
Sasha Chavkin · April 4, 2019

A growing wave of regulators are reconsidering the safety of textured breast implants that have been associated with a higher risk of cancer.

France Bans Breast Implants Linked to Heightened Cancer Risk
Sasha Chavkin · April 3, 2019

French health authorities have informed manufacturers of a sweeping and historic ban on two categories of breast implants.

FDA Kept Hundreds of Thousands of Breast Implant Incidents Hidden From Public
Sasha Chavkin · March 25, 2019

On the eve of a hearing about breast implant safety, the U.S. regulator revealed it has long known about vastly more complications than previously disclosed.

What are textured breast implants and are they safe?
Sasha Chavkin · March 22, 2019

There is growing international concern over breast implant safety, particularly due to a rare cancer that occurs most often in implants with rough surfaces.

US to Investigate Health Impact of Nickel, Silicone in Medical Implants
Sasha Chavkin · March 18, 2019

The FDA has announced a fresh probe into adverse patient reactions to materials used in breast implants, metal-on-metal hips and birth control coil Essure.

The Implant Files Sparked Reform Around The World. Here’s Why We’re Still Reporting.
Sasha Chavkin · February 27, 2019

Since we published our first stories, regulators have vowed to fix gaps in medical device oversight. But some promises have not been backed up by action.

French inquiry urges ban of popular breast implant but balks at blanket prohibition
Sasha Chavkin and Douglas Dalby · February 8, 2019

A committee convened by France’s medical device safety authority has stopped short of calling for the total removal of textured breast implants.

Allergan Faces Fresh Woes As Investors Sue
Sasha Chavkin · January 9, 2019

Investors have filed a class action lawsuit against breast implant manufacturer Allergan, alleging the company concealed the association between textured breast implants and a rare form of cancer.

Allergan Textured Breast Implant Sales Halted in Europe Amid Safety Controversy
Simon Bowers and Hamish Boland-Rudder · December 19, 2018

A specific type of Allergan breast implant that has been linked to an emerging form of cancer has been recalled in Europe, French authorities announced on Tuesday.