From the Archives: How body brokers profited from stolen human tissue
Razzan Nakhlawi · February 15, 2019

Our Skin and Bone investigation revealed the lengths Michael Mastromarino, a human tissue trafficking ring leader, took to steal body parts without detection.

Experts Weigh Whether Vaginal Mesh Should Be Pulled From US Market
Sasha Chavkin · February 12, 2019

Women who suffered serious harm and scientists who conducted research for industry offered conflicting testimony to an expert panel reviewing mesh safety.

French inquiry urges ban of popular breast implant but balks at blanket prohibition
Sasha Chavkin and Douglas Dalby · February 8, 2019

A committee convened by France’s medical device safety authority has stopped short of calling for the total removal of textured breast implants.

Germany moves on implant registry
Douglas Dalby · February 4, 2019

The German Government has proposed legislation to create a national register to improve controls on medical implants just two months after the Implant Files was first published.

Implant tourism leaves patients in pain and far from their surgeon
Will Fitzgibbon · January 28, 2019

Medical tourism operators are luring patients to Africa for operations that leave them in crippling pain and with little more than WhatsApp messages for support.

Patients Across The World Outraged By Failure To Inform Them Of Device Dangers
Spencer Woodman and Razzan Nakhlawi · January 15, 2019

More than 2,000 patients around the world say they were not warned about the potential harm related to their medical implant.

Allergan Faces Fresh Woes As Investors Sue
Sasha Chavkin · January 9, 2019

Investors have filed a class action lawsuit against breast implant manufacturer Allergan, alleging the company concealed the association between textured breast implants and a rare form of cancer.

From Argentina to Mexico, ICIJ’s partners reveal array of medical device issues
Sasha Chavkin · January 4, 2019

Thirty-nine Latin American journalists from 11 media outlets participated in ICIJ’s global examination of the medical device industry and its regulators.

Europe Has A Chance To Force Medical Device Companies To Make Safety Data Public
Simon Bowers · December 21, 2018

A quick comparison of how Europe and the United States monitor medical device safety differently – and how those differences highlight Europe’s weaknesses.

Canada acts on Implant Files
Fergus Shiel · December 20, 2018

Health Canada has announced a three-pronged medical device safety overhaul in response to the Implant Files investigation.