Why we collaborate: Expertise, trust and passion
Scilla Alecci, Emilia Díaz-Struck, Will Fitzgibbon and 2 more · May 14, 2020

Collaboration makes our stories better. Working with local reporters means we benefit from their expertise, their trusted sources and their passion — and we give ours in return.

Reporting from the eye of Ecuador’s misinformation storm
Emilia Díaz-Struck · May 13, 2020

Stories by investigative journalist Arturo Torres and his team at Código Vidrio have inspired a national campaign against misinformation in Ecuador.

Investigating the coronavirus: Journalists fight the ‘infodemic’
Scilla Alecci · May 12, 2020

The internet is awash in falsehoods about the COVID-19 pandemic; journalists around the world are scrambling to keep up.

Covering the coronavirus amid misinformation and scared sources
Emilia Díaz-Struck, Scilla Alecci, Will Fitzgibbon and 2 more · May 7, 2020

Journalists reporting on the coronavirus from Hungary to Chile are not only faced with the risk of contagion. They share their stories.

Investigating the coronavirus: The ‘Wild West’ of unproven treatments
Sasha Chavkin · May 4, 2020

Effective treatment for the coronavirus could save millions of lives, but the risks of moving too fast with too little science could be a bigger risk.

Hostile leaders and hidden data: Press Freedom challenges in 2020
Will Fitzgibbon, Emilia Díaz-Struck, Scilla Alecci and 2 more · May 3, 2020

We asked our global network of reporters to share with you the unvarnished realities of their lives to mark World Press Freedom Day 2020.

Investigating the Coronavirus: How employers are failing to protect their workforce
Scilla Alecci · April 27, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a rift between workers who can hunker down at home and continue to draw a paycheck and those who must work onsite.

‘I knocked at the door of the minister and he confessed’ — recollections of a veteran investigator
Kyra Gurney · April 16, 2020

Micael Pereira is a senior staff writer at the leading Portuguese newspaper who worked on Luanda Leaks and many other ICIJ projects.

Incomplete data creates headaches for reporters
Agustin Armendariz · April 14, 2020

I’m a COVID-19 data skeptic. The most widely-used numbers to describe the impact of the pandemic — reported cases and deaths — are flawed.

Crumbling economies must tackle tax evasion to meet coronavirus crisis, experts warn
Scilla Alecci · April 7, 2020

With governments racked by colossal costs due to the coronavirus pandemic, experts say tax evasion is cast in a stark new light.