Investigating the coronavirus: ICIJ African partners warn of looming threat
Ben Hallman · March 31, 2020

Across much of Africa the toll of the viral pandemic could be much worse than in Europe and North America, ICIJ partners on the continent say.

Investigating the coronavirus: Who is cashing in?
Ben Hallman · March 24, 2020

There’s never been a major crisis that someone hasn’t seen as an opportunity to make a lot of money.

Global coalition calls for safeguards to prevent looting of coronavirus relief funds
Michael Hudson · March 23, 2020

A leading anti-corruption group is urging U.S. lawmakers to include tough safeguards that will protect against “self-interested parties” in a proposed coronavirus relief bill.

‘Involved and powerless’: Reporting from Italy on COVID-19
Scilla Alecci · March 17, 2020

Italian journalists living in a high-risk zone adapt to quarantine and keep reporting on the outbreak.

Investigating COVID-19: Virus testing in the US
Ben Hallman · March 17, 2020

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