Senator calls for laws to reform Australian mining in Africa
Will Fitzgibbon · July 15, 2015

An Australian Greens senator is considering proposing new legislation in response to ICIJ’s investigation of Australian companies in Africa.

New project shines light on impact of African mining boom
Martha M. Hamilton · July 10, 2015

ICIJ’s latest collaboration reveals deaths, conflicts and questionable practices by Australian mining companies across Africa.

No net, no say for online mining survey with surprising results
Will Fitzgibbon · April 11, 2014

A new World Bank survey has surprised experts by showing strong public support for the extractive industries in resource-rich nations, but its methodology has come under question.

Resource-rich developed nations told ‘practice what you preach’
Will Fitzgibbon · March 26, 2014

The US has now signed on to a worldwide anti-corruption initiative for the mining and oil sector, but other wealthy nations with higher stakes are resisting.

5 tips for investigating the mining industry
Marina Walker Guevara · April 15, 2012

With controversial mining company Renco Group again in the news, here are a few tips on investigating the mining industry I shared at the recent annual conference of the Colombian journalism group Consejo de Redacción in Bogotá.