Investigative reporting

House passes Freedom Act, but no protection for foreign sources
Sasha Chavkin · May 23, 2014

The Freedom Act doesn’t change the fact that Constitutional protections that are taken for granted by many U.S. journalists – and their sources – stop at the border.

Beginner’s guide to improving online security
Margot Williams · March 5, 2014

Amid growing revelations of hacking and internet surveillance, improving online security is necessary for journalists and others who work with sensitive information. Here are our tips for how to get started.

‘Until you know the right questions to ask, you can never get to the truth’
Michael Bilton · October 18, 2012

Why a significant investment of time is the most critical component of each investigative report.

‘Be annoying, and don’t give up’
Bill Birnbauer · March 31, 2012

Bill Birnbauer shares the methodology and techniques which have served him best as an investigative journalist.